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    An Expert’s Tips on Painting Your Home

    By Remodelista
    May 30, 2013, 9:15:42 AM EDT

    If you’ve ever picked up a roller and brush and painted a room, you may have quickly learned that it’s not necessarily as easy as it looks. It’s not that painting itself is hard; it’s the prep work and the attention to detail that’s required, both of which go a long way toward elevating the end result. So, for some expert advice, the Remodelista editors turned to Philip Reno, the proprietor of G & R Paint Company in San Francisco and auteur of the Philip’s Perfect Colors line of paints. Reno has spent the last two decades as a master painter, faux finisher, and color consultant, and, since 1995, he’s operated San Francisco’s G&R Paint Company, creating a palette of full-spectrum colors for C2 Paints.


    Here are several of Reno’s top tips:

    Remodelista: Where do you begin when you paint? Philip Reno: It may sound silly but I always tell my clients three things:

    - Don’t be hungry—hunger will lead to sloppy work, so always have snacks and things to nosh on while working. - Don’t be in a hurry. Plan to paint. If you rush, accidents will happen. - Play music you love, and you will fool yourself into having a good time. It changes the whole approach.

    RM: So once we’ve lined up snacks and music, what should we think of next? PR: Don’t start to paint before you’ve made a definitive color choice. People think they should walk into a paint store and pick a color, then paint straightaway. It’s a process. You have to sample paint and live with it first.

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