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    10 Natural DIY Beauty Recipes

    By By Becky Striepe
    July 25, 2013, 5:28:27 AM EDT

    Want to whip up your own personal care products? Treat yourself right with these DIY beauty recipes using simple ingredients. Store-bought beauty supplies can be bad news. They often contain toxic ingredients, many of which are misleadingly labeled. Check out the Story of Cosmetics video for a peek into the underbelly of the beauty industry.

    Those bottled beauty products contain all kinds of harmful chemicals, from carcinogens and endocrine disruptors to allergens. And to top it off, they usually come bottled in plastic that ends up in the landfill when you’re done with that shampoo or body scrub.

    That’s the bad news. The good news? You can easily make your own beauty products to replace those chemical products you find on the store shelves. Check out these 10 recipes for beauty supplies that you can whip up easily at home with no special equipment!


    1. DIY Deodorant – Conventional deodorant contains all kinds of icky stuff, like triclosan. Check out this all natural DIY alternative instead!

    2. Homemade Sugar Scrub – Sugar and salt scrubs are great for exfoliating. This DIY sugar scrub recipe only uses a few ingredients and contains no chemical fragrances.

    3. Homemade Face Scrub – Gently exfoliate and pamper your face with a chemical-free homemade facial scrub.

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