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    Your Seasonal Allergies Explained (And How To Get Relief!)

    By By Beth Buczynski
    June 15, 2013, 4:24:09 AM EDT

    Summer is here! After being cooped up all winter, we want to rush out into the sunshine and take big, cleansing gulps of that precious fresh air.

    But for too many of us, those first deep breaths lead to a sneeze. Then another. Then the runny nose and itchy throat.


    Allergies plague nearly 10 percent of all Americans, which means that unless you want to spend your summer hopped up on OTC allergy cures, you’ll be staring at the sunshine through a window.

    And those are just the seasonal, outdoor allergies. Even more of us have developed food, pet, or chemical allergies.

    If you’ve ever wondered why you’re destined to watch the seasons pass by through watery eyes, it could have something to do with where you live, how often you wash your hair, or even how often you do your laundry! There’s also compelling evidence to suggest that unchecked climate change is making allergies worse.

    By Beth Buczynski

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