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    12 Steps to Coping With Arthritis

    By By SpryLiving.com
    June 19, 2014, 11:11:21 AM EDT

    Years ago, in Morocco to write a travel story, I rode my first camel. Who knew that those stubborn, one-humped Dromedaries don’t simply sit to let you dismount—they lunge forward. And so, alas, did I, landing squarely on my right hip. Since it bothered me only intermittently, I stupidly didn’t get it checked out— for two decades. And just recently, much to my dismay, it was confirmed that osteoarthritis (OA) had set into the joint. So suffice it to say that I am writing this column from a personal—albeit painful—perspective.

    Often the long-term result of an untreated injury, arthritis affects not only the joints but the tissues that surround them, along with other connective tissue. It’s certainly not uncommon. According to the Arthritis Foundation, it is the leading cause of disability in the United States, striking 50 million Americans, or one in every five adults. And it is not just a disease of old age; two-thirds of the people with arthritis are under age 65.


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