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    12 Ways To Have a Fun, Guilt-Free Camping Trip

    By By Julia Austin, Planet Green
    July 14, 2012, 9:08:58 AM EDT


    You might be a regular camper who escapes to the wild weekly. Maybe you just can’t afford a vacation so a tent and a campfire make for the cheapest getaway. Maybe your friends dared you to spend just one night away from your comfortable, pampered lifestyle. Whatever your reason for camping, you don’t owe any less to the nature you’re going to come in close contact with than the next guy. And it’s true—camping is about as eco-friendly as it gets when it comes to traveling. You and your gear are pretty much the only signs of civilization around. Here are some tips to keep it that way:


    Find out ahead of time if there is a water source at your site. If not, bring a portable purification system. You can find one at most camping stores. 2. If you’re new to camping it’s best to borrow camping gear. When you totally fall in love with your sleepover outdoors, consider getting your own equipment from a second hand store. Seasoned campers can donate your old gear to such a store.

    3. Bring extra reusable bags to throw trash in. Even if there are bins around the site, they might be full and it’s too tempting when you’re sitting around the campfire to just toss your trash to the side rather than venture to the bin a few yards away. Better to be prepared.

    4. Check if there are campfire restrictions at your campsite. These are here for a reason. Your firewood could introduce a pest or disease into the area. If you burn coals, make sure there are no smoldering coals left over after your stay.

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