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    Keeping Your New Year's Resolution: Exercising in the Cold

    By travel
    December 29, 2012, 3:43:48 AM EST

    Heating Up Your Workout in the Cold Outdoors

    Exercising is an especially good idea during wintertime because people so often feel heavy and sluggish during that season. Our bodies have evolved to respond to cold weather by becoming hungry; burning fuel creates heat, which warms us up. During the winter, some people also experience increased appetites because of the decreased amount of daylight, which prompts these individuals to eat starchy, carb-heavy foods that cause serotonin levels to spike and make them feel better temporarily. All of these circumstances conspire to make us pasty and pudgy in the winter, but regular exercise is all we need to counteract them. Getting moderate exercise not only keeps us thinner but also can keep us healthier by boosting our immune system. Studies have shown that people who get regular exercise in the winter experience 20 to 30 percent fewer colds than non-exercisers.


    Continue Reading for tips on how to stay warm up while exercising outdoors >

    Getting Back in Shape Outdoors

    If your New Year's resolution for 2012 is to get back in shape, you are one of many. Exercising outdoors is a good way to avoid crowded gyms, but staying warm will be a must.

    AccuWeather.com's Violeta Yas finds all the tips you need to know about staying warm while working out in the elements of winter.

    300x179_01051459_picture 5

    Click here to see the video >

    8 Ways to Make Your New Year's Resolution Stick

    This New Year, do you plan to lose weight? Exercise regularly? Or eat more fruits and vegetables? All of those New Year's resolutions sound good in theory, but will you follow through?

    1.Be realistic. Make resolutions that you're sure you can achieve. This will set you up for success. If your goals are too ambitious, you may get disappointed and start to feel badly about yourself. That can make you give up completely. Meeting small goals will keep you in the game.

    2.Approach the change with enthusiasm. This is about improving your health and well-being. View your resolutions in a positive light, not as a means to punish yourself for past behavior. Be sure you are making the behavior change to please yourself, too, and not because someone else thinks you should.

    For more tips on keeping your resolution, keep reading here >

    Should You Exercise When You're Sick

    You've got a miserable cold, but are anxious to get up and around again. Is it okay to hop on the treadmill, or will that use up energy that you need to fight off the bug?

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    Use good judgment, doctors say. It's usually all right to exercise as long as you feel okay, your symptoms are minor, and you don't overdo it. But going to the gym and pushing yourself too hard is not a good idea. Vigorous exercise can stress the immune system. Also keep in mind that you might spread your illness to others. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently or use hand sanitizer.

    Continue reading for more tips on whether to exercise when you're sick >

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