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    The Flu: Who Needs to Be Especially Careful?

    By By Eve Glicksman, Staff Writer, myOptumHealth
    January 10, 2013, 7:47:01 AM EST


    Influenza can strike anyone, regardless of age or health. But certain people are more likely to get the flu - and to suffer more problems from it if they do. If you're very young or very old, your risk of dying from the flu or its complications increases, too.

    How worried should you be? The seasonal flu is most dangerous for:

    Anyone over age 65
    Your immune system weakens as you age. Older people also are more likely to have other medical problems that can make it harder to recover. Pneumonia - which can be fatal - is more likely to strike the frail elderly who get the flu, too.

    Infants and children under age 5
    Children under age 5 with seasonal flu are more likely to suffer complications such as ear infections. Babies and children under age 2 are at the greatest risk of the flu leading to a more severe respiratory illness. So are kids who have chronic medical conditions.

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