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By default, the application is designed to auto-launch upon startup of the computer and run as an unobtrusive background process awaiting any incoming message alerts.

If the application is halted for any reason by logging out at any time, logging in is performed either via the Log in menu entry, or by clicking on the system tray icon indicating the application is disconnected.

Note that presetting of your password wherever required, in addition to auto-launching the application upon power-up of your computer is also available from this form.

If for any reason should you forget your password, there is an Email me my password button that will send your password to the specified email address.

For registered users, the login dialog form will reflect their corresponding email address and an empty password field. For unregistered users, all text fields will be empty. Unregistered users should select the I don't have an account button, which will proceed to the Create Account form.

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