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For new or unregistered users, the Create Account dialog form will be presented when either the Create a new account button (from Start), or the I don't have an account button (from Login), is selected.

This form requires valid email address and password pairs, in addition to weather and traffic zip codes specific to your locale.

Optionally, you may specify an Alternate Email address for high-priority (plain text only) alerts.

By default, all four optional boxes in the lower region of the form are checked; starting the application automatically upon reboot (auto-launch), presetting your password wherever required, automatically logging you in upon selecting an application icon (bypasses the Login form), and opting-in to receiving infrequent email notifications and/or supplemental information.

Tool Tip: If you use a dialup connection to the Internet, or rely on other means -- such as a satellite modem -- that sometimes require a lengthy startup or connection times to the Internet, you may consider unchecking the auto-launch option to avoid Žconnection not found' type messages, should initialization of the application precede that of your Internet connection.

After supplying a valid email address, password, and weather/traffic locales within the Create Account form, select the Create Account button. Successful submission of this form will then bring up an Account Activation form, which instructs you to activate your account via an email message sent to the specified email address.

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