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HELP - AccuWeather.com (Dialog Form/Menu Item)
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The AccuWeather.com tab is the default view of the AccuWeather Desktop application client and displays weather-related information specific to your geographic locale, as determined by your zip code submitted at registration. To change your zip code (and target new content for this tab), please refer to the Zip code setting under the Account tab.

By default, under normal circumstances, when there's no active weather alerts/advisories in your area this window will display the top news headlines, the daily forecast, and the most-recent radar image for your area, as shown below.

Active weather alerts or advisories specific to your area will alter the default behavior of this window.

Active weather alerts or advisories issued to your area will display the Alert sub-tab, which contains information specific to the weather alert/advisory for your area, as shown.

Once the issuance of the alert/advisory has expired, the normal default behavior of this tab is resumed.

Following are brief explanations for each of the weather-related sub-tabs shown in the main AccuWeather window.

Forecast Details displays current conditions in addition to a 24 hour (today and tomorrow) forecast for your area, in addition to links for the current 5 to 15-day forecast or Hour-by-Hour forecast.

Selecting the Get your complete 15-day forecast or Hour by Hour links will pop your default browser to display the forecasts.

Radar reveals current conditions and the latest radar image (echoes) and is the default sub-tab displayed under non-weather alert/advisory conditions for your area.

Links to Animate or Enlarge the image are also available.

Satellite displays the current conditions and the latest satellite image for your area.

Links to Animate or Enlarge the image are also available.

More Maps displays current conditions and a Precipitation Map revealing the probability for precipitation in your area.

Links to a Surface Map (High/Low pressure and Warm/Cold fronts), Temperature Map and an Enlarge of all images is also available.

Alert will flash (in red) and display information regarding any active or newly issued weather alerts or advisories for your area.

The default display of the Radar tab is overridden with this tab temporarily while the active weather-related alert or advisory is in effect.

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