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All feature-based documentation of the application is in the form of context-specific help. With exception to individual menu entries, all main dialog box forms contain a help button in the lower right corner of the form.
For any given tab or dialog box, selecting the Help icon will bring up a separate window displaying the associated information. Relevant topics within the help content itself will also be hypertext linked throughout the document, providing additional means of navigation to the user.
Access to the entire Help document is also supported near the top of the main application menu, as shown.
Nomenclature within this Help file documentation is as follows:
  • Important terms and concepts are non-bolded italicized text, typically expanded upon later in the document. Often only the first instance of such terms will be denoted, unless the context warrants their re-emphasis. Important information with emphasis will always be underlined text.
  • Hyper-linked phrases and descriptors are blue underlined text, which are anchored to their respective and relevant portions of the documentation.
  • Dialog form and tab content, such as button names or field descriptors, are simple bolded text.
  • Main sections (anchored) to the help file content are typically of the form:

       Form / Menu Name : { Dialog form | Menu item }

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