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StormTimer™ & Storm Attributes Table
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  • Storm Intensity & Height
  • Quicker Than Official Warnings
The exclusive StormTimer(tm) plots the expected movement of significant storms over the next hour! The storm identification numbers plotted on the storms correspond to the Storm Attributes Table (tm) for each site. This table notes the existence of dangerous rotation inside thunderstorms, Mesocyclones (precursors to tornadoes), Tornadic Vortex Signatures (when the radar sees wind fields that could be a funnel cloud or tornado), Hail (maximum size and percent chance), direction, speed, maximum intensity, and more. This information, viewed along with our 21 Local Radar Types, allows you to detect severe storms before a warning is issued!
Premium User S.P. from Texas says about the StormTimer... "I am a surveyor with multiple crews on any given day. I need to know about storms and their movements, so I can decide on the logistics of moving crews and equipment around. You need to know if the storm will just graze you or is heading directly for you and you need to seek shelter."
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User Testimonials
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"I have decided to upgrade to Premium for the detailed information. I live on a small island in the middle of the South Pacific, so detailed weather is hard to access. I work for a company which caters for a large number of outside functions...of course the weather plays a very big part in these events!"
--C.D. Rarotonga, Cook Islands
"I need the more detailed weather on Premium for my business. I plan the deployment of men and materials to treat/remove ice/snow."
--J. Bickhart, Selinsgrove, PA
"Having the forecasts available days in advance will help me plant crops and prepare for blowing winds that can sand blast my crops in minutes."
--R. Gandy, Lynn County, TX
"As a service coordinator for an HVAC contractor I need the detailed content that is found on Premium. My workload depends on how hot, cold, wet, snowy, icy, humid or dry the weather may be!"
--B. Gelletly, Frederick, MD
"I am a storm spotter in Kansas. I need to keep on top of the weather so that I can know where storms are heading and if they are going to drop any tornadoes."
--CJ. Lockett, Wichita, KS
"I use the detailed 15 day forecasts for planning and scheduling outdoor activities. Wind speed and direction along with precipitation forecasts for my area are invaluable."
--Z.J., Midland, MI