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MapSpace™ Enhanced Radar
  • High-Res (Level II) US Radar
  • State-Level Lightning Strikes
  • Canadian Radar
  • European Radar
  • Worldwide High-Res Satellite
  • Interactive Application
  • 24-Hour Archive
  • Plot Your Location
  • Customizable Layers, Sizes
  • Ad Free
Introducing MapSpace™ Enhanced Radar, an interactive web display with a huge resolution upgrade that allows one to pan and zoom across the US, Canada, and Europe for radar data, and the entire world for satellite data.

Displaying up to 24 hours of data, one can plot a location and choose specific geographic layers to be displayed on the radar.

The resolution upgrade is evident; this new Level II NEXRAD radar is 16 times more detailed than the traditional Level III radar. Additionally, with this new radar, a greater amount of functionality than ever before is offered with the ability to control layers such as topography, and the ability to display cities of all sizes, state and county lines, highways and more. Now, users will be able to plan accordingly with this new radar which produces a much clearer detailed and accurate picture.

If you are looking for even more localized accurate lightning strike data, you'll find state-level as well as regional displays on Premium.

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