StoryTeller™ Interactive Touchscreen System Now Positioned in All Top-Ten Broadcast Markets

April 04, 2013; 9:34 AM
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Top Market Broadcasters Quickly Adopting AccuWeather's Innovative StoryTeller Interactive System

State College, PA, April 3, 2013 - AccuWeather, Inc. announced today the recent adoption of its StoryTeller interactive touchscreen system at television station WBZ in Boston. This upcoming installation represents a major milestone for the StoryTeller system, placing it now in every top-ten broadcast market.

Built on a revolutionary, high-resolution touchscreen platform that maximizes precision and responsiveness, and offered with an array of customizable applications developed exclusively by AccuWeather, StoryTeller integrates all content flowing into a news center and allows broadcasters to rapidly bring stories to life in a way that expands and extends energy, impact and value for viewers. From social media, entertainment, elections and weather to breaking news, in-depth story analysis, finance and sports, StoryTeller delivers dynamic content in a way today's audiences, with their array of interactive mobile devices and tablets, have come to expect.

Said Ryan Ayres, vice president of AccuWeather's Display Systems and Services division, "StoryTeller is a very special product for many reasons. It's fully adaptable to virtually any existing broadcast workflow system, yet can also be effectively used as a standalone presentation system in a variety of settings such as museums, parks and businesses. It provides customers with truly advanced, intuitive features such as telestration and the ability to import live and recorded videos, all of which are elegantly controlled by a swipe or touch of a finger. Best of all, with StoryTeller, customers continue to receive new content and designs from AccuWeather to keep their stories fresh and alive for years to come. Its adoption into every top-ten broadcast market simply confirms it as the best, most-preferred interactive tool for the best stations and talent in the world."

For additional information about StoryTeller, please contact Mark Joll at, or by phone at 814-235-8635. All the StoryTeller apps may be seen at AccuWeather Booth SL6816 at the National Association of Broadcasters show.

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