Forecasts Mostly Favorable for Fiendish Halloween Festivities

October 26, 2007; 10:24 AM
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(State College, PA - October 26, 2007) - predicts quiet weather for most of the country on Halloween Wednesday, welcome news for trick-or-treaters and party-goers alike.

According to meteorologists, a cold front may bring some storms and gusty winds to the Great Lakes and Northern Plains Wednesday. These conditions may require some last-minute adjustments to ensure costumes are secure and keep trick-or-treaters warm, but should not completely dampen holiday plans.

"(To plan your costume) know where you are going and if you are going to be indoors or outdoors," Maggie Johnson, meteorologist said in her Fashion Weather forecast. "Some places throughout the U.S. will be getting very chilly at night due to dry air under high pressure. For an outdoor get-together, if you're choosing a lighter costume, make sure to take along your long heavy coat."

Areas south of the cold front will have better luck with warmer than normal temperatures for most of the U.S. However, Florida may see unsettled weather with some clouds and showers. Below are predicted high temperatures for cities across the country.

New York - 60/48 (Evening RealFeel 51-degree F)

Washington D.C. - 65/49 (Evening RealFeel 53-degree F)

Los Angeles - 76/57 (Evening RealFeel 57-degree F)

Chicago - 61/41 (Evening RealFeel 33-degree F)

Dallas - 79/50 (Evening RealFeel 46-degree F)

Boston - 59/43 (Evening RealFeel 35-degree F)

Atlanta - 74/52 (Evening RealFeel 52-degree F)

While there will not be a traditional full moon, a near-last quarter moon will provide ample light, though trick-or-treaters should carry flash lights and reflective tape for safety as they journey door-to-door. Check hour-by-hour forecasts on Halloween day for the Trick-or-Treat conditions in your area.


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