AccuWeather Video Blogger Offers Portable, Turnkey Tool for Posting Rich Content to Social Media

March 31, 2011; 8:24 AM
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STATE COLLEGE, PA - March 31, 2011- AccuWeather, Inc. ( has announced the AccuWeather Video Blogger™, a turnkey tool for posting sponsorable news, weather, and sports videos and graphics to social media sites.

The AccuWeather Video Blogger can be used to author content for all social media platforms - web, mobile, Facebook, Twitter, and more. It is designed for one-person operation by the on-air presenter, and no camera operator, technician, or control room support is required. Fully portable, the Video Blogger can be used for immediate posts from home, in the studio, or at any location with Wi-Fi. Its proprietary software and integrated web camera make it easy for media personalities to record, annotate, and discuss daily events or breaking stories and to engage their audience in commentary and conversation.

The AccuWeather Video Blogger was designed specifically for media. It imports HD and SD video, images, Skype and other visual and audio content, and presents it with a rich library of icons and powerful annotation tools in a fast, intuitive user interface. Plus, the powerful graphics tools of the Video Blogger make it easy to include station branding within social media posts.

A challenge for those seeking a way to generate salable sponsorships and ads in social media has been to find a subtle approach that does not alienate fans and followers, The AccuWeather Video Blogger blends sponsorships and ads unobtrusively into the background banner of the application. Logos and ads can easily be changed in seconds, allowing a station to leverage its social media audience effectively across different sponsors and advertisers, and to tailor advertising to all news, weather, sports, and other social media posts.

"Social media are proving to be a powerful tool in reinforcing audience loyalty throughout the day," said Ryan Ayres, Vice President, Display Systems and Services for AccuWeather, Inc. "The AccuWeather Video Blogger makes it easy for members of the news team to connect directly with the station audience and to promote the station brand and programming."

The AccuWeather Video Blogger is included in the CinemaLive HD® Display System (Enterprise Server) and is also available as a stand-alone system.

The Video Blogger can be seen in action at AccuWeather's NAB Booth SL5220.

About AccuWeather, Inc.

AccuWeather, Empowering You to Be the Best™, provides content, technology and solutions to broadcasters, networks, cable operators, IPTV and ITV providers, and telecommunications carriers. A global multimedia weather information source, AccuWeather also delivers a portfolio of customized enterprise products and services to business, government, and institutions, and presents accurate, localized, branded forecasts and severe weather bulletins each day to one quarter of a billion persons worldwide. Visit for more information.

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