Columbia, SC - Thunderstorms in the area...

July 23, 2014; 7:57 AM

Thunderstorms in the area this afternoon through this evening

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  • Storms Slam Arkansas

    Storms Slam Arkansas

    July 24, 2014; 2:00 AM

    Storms rolled over northwest Arkansas Wednesday; Eighty mile per hour straight line winds are believed to have cause the damage.

  • Breaking: Storms Slam Midwest

    Breaking: Storms Slam Midwest

    July 23, 2014; 11:39 PM

    The threat for severe storms continues through the night and into Thursday, across the midwest.

  • Monsoonal Rain in Albuquerque

    Monsoonal Rain in Albuquerque

    July 23, 2014; 8:00 PM

    Heavy rainfall and lightning caused travel headaches in the desert on Monday night.

  • Dodging Storms in Indianapolis

    Dodging Storms in Indianapolis

    July 23, 2014; 5:00 PM

    Showers and storms will return later this weekend over the Ohio Valley with the possibility for wet weather in Indy as well.

  • Severe Weather Threatens I-95

    Severe Weather Threatens I-95

    July 23, 2014; 3:04 PM

    Strong thunderstorms will work their way to the I-95 corridor Wednesday evening impacting some New England states.

  • Drought Good for Surfers

    Drought Good for Surfers

    July 23, 2014; 2:00 PM

    Why is the drought in California good for surfers? Plus, NOAA policy changes after Hurricane Sandy.

  • Severe Storms Pushing East

    Severe Storms Pushing East

    July 23, 2014; 1:22 PM

    Severe storms are headed towards the Northeast bringing strong winds and downpours.

  • Tropical Depression Two Fading to a Remnant Low

    Tropical Depression Two Fading to a Remnant Low

    July 23, 2014; 10:41 AM

    Tropical Depression Two is becoming a remnant low, but will still bring heavy showery rain to the Lesser Antilles into Friday.

  • Waves High on Lake Michigan

    Waves High on Lake Michigan

    July 23, 2014; 8:00 AM

    Waves were two to three times their normal size Tuesday on Lake Michigan. Waves will also be high Wednesday.

  • Storm Cleanup Continues in Minnesota

    Storm Cleanup Continues in Minnesota

    July 23, 2014; 8:00 AM

    Dangerous storms with winds over 80 mph caused significant damage to homes, farms and businesses in parts of South Dakota and Minnesota Monday night.

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