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    Typhoon Vicente Blasts China with High Winds, Flooding

    By , Meteorologist
    July 25, 2012; 8:50 PM ET
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    Radar image of Vicente from the Hong Kong Observatory.

    Powerful Typhoon Vicente made landfall early Tuesday, local time, in Guangdong, China, just to the southwest of Hong Kong with major risks to lives and property.

    Vicente strengthened rapidly before moving inland near Macau and Pinghsa, China from over the South China Sea with maximum sustained winds equivalent to a Category 3 to 4 hurricane.

    Hong Kong was hit with 83 mph wind gusts late Monday. Major disruptions to travel, including flights, occurred.

    Macau was in the eye wall and in the strongest part of the typhoon early Tuesday, which is the northeastern quadrant of the storm.

    Portions of Guangdong, China, will receive up to 10-20 inches of rainfall, threatening severe flooding and mudslides, AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews said.

    The central coast of Guangdong had the most severe wind impact with 100-mph wind gusts.

    Vicente will continue to weaken quickly inland, so wind impact will wane. However, flooding rain will persist as the system tracks inland through midweek. Guangdong to Guangxi and perhaps even northern Vietnam will be in the path of torrential downpours from Vicente through midweek.

    Tropical Storm Vincente Hits Hong Kong

    Hong Kong was hit with 83 mph wind gusts late Monday.

    Storified by Accu Weather · Tue, Jul 24 2012 09:31:19

    Storm at Hong Kong tore trees down! #hongkong #storm #typhoon #igers #igershongkongMariaWOW
    #typhoon #vincentejohnli2891
    #typhoon #vincentejohnli2891
    thanks #typhoon #vincente #typhoon8 #zhuhai #hkig #floodMatt Swisher
    thanks #typhoon #vincente #typhoon8 #zhuhai #hkig #disaster #floodMatt Swisher
    The aftermath. #Hongkong #T10 #Typhoon #VincenteElectric Brain
    RIP trees 小時候不想要早起上學,便最想要打風和壞天氣. 長大後知道自然力量實在非比尋常 而壞天氣下遭殃的都是最脆弱的一群 他們根本不能躲避 而即使能夠,也負擔不起重建的開支 ,便真的不想要有颳風暴雨天災 despite the overuse of cement ,we r still living in junglesfioglum
    Storm Vincente tore down trees. #hongkong #vincente #typhoon #storm #igers #igershongkong #instastreet #street #weather #10likesMariaWOW
    災劾後離開地牢 曙光雖刺眼天空卻美得風騷..kenny. kelvin. jason. james. alan. small. ;)
    All these planes delayed cos of #vincente #typhoonAlan Lai

    AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologists Jim Andrews and Alex Sosnowski contributed to the content of this story.

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