Tornado and Hail Threat for Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri

April 13, 2012; 8:00 PM
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Powerful thunderstorms are expected into early this morning, targeting much of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and portions of Illinois and Iowa.

Large hail and a tornado or two will be possible in addition to the usual threats of gusty winds, lightning and heavy rain.

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Unfortunately, the thunderstorms are just a precursor to what is expected to be a large and dangerous tornado outbreak by late today over much of the same area.

The heart of the severe weather threat early this morning will lie along the I-35/I-135 corridor from Salina, Kan., south to Oklahoma City, Okla. I-44 will also be affected by the powerful storms.

**A tornado touched down and moved through Norman, Okla., late Friday afternoon, causing damage to roofs. There were possible injuries, but they have not been confirmed yet. A second tornado reportedly touched down in Dale, Okla., heading toward the area north of 177 and I-40.**

"The environment [is] very supportive of tornadoes," tweeted AccuWeather Meteorologist Cory Mottice.

Never, ever hesitate to head to the basement or a storm shelter if a warning is issued. Mobile homes and trailers should always be evacuated, as well.

Knowing ahead of time what to do in the event of a tornado or strong thunderstorm could save your life, and could come in handy again over the next few days as the threat for severe weather will persist.

The weather has been volatile over the central and southern Plains for the past several days.

Mottice intercepted a few of these strong storms over western Oklahoma on Monday.

We value your tornado pics, but we value your life more. Please take shelter during dangerous situations this weekend.


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