Storms Cause Damage in Delaware, Possible Tornado

August 10, 2011; 5:05 AM ET
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"The storms knocked out power to an estimated 19,000 people in New Castle County, according to Delmarva Power."

Storms ripped through parts of Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey today, causing power outages, traffic snarls and possibly a tornado over northern Delaware.

According to KYW radio in Philadelphia, the worst of the damage was reported between Newark and Claymont in the northernmost part of Delaware. Trees and power lines were downed, and minor flooding was reported. Damage was also reported to cars and some of homes in the area.

The storms knocked out power to an estimated 19,000 people in New Castle County, according to Delmarva Power.

Rob Miller of Amtrak relayed the photo seen above to taken by an Amtrak employee that shows an apparent wall cloud and possible funnel at its base.

At the time, radar showed a strong rotation signature in that area, indicative of a possible tornado. The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for northeastern New Castle County at 12:32 p.m. Also covered by that warning was northwestern Gloucester County, N.J., and southwestern Delaware County, Pa. Several funnel cloud sightings were reported and several photographs of a funnel cloud have been sent into and other media outlets such as WPVI-TV, but no tornado touchdowns have yet been confirmed.

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Without video evidence, trained spotter reports or a meteorologist sighting of a tornado in this area, tornado confirmation would have to come from a storm survey team dispatched by the National Weather Service. Such a survey would likely occur on Wednesday.

According to the Severe Weather Center, additional storms were occurring over parts of New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland that have the potential to affect the areas already hit through Tuesday evening. Threats will include damaging wind, hail and another isolated tornado or two.


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