Heavy Rain, Severe Storms Target Texas Today

December 19, 2011; 9:55 AM
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While any rain is a welcome sight to residents of drought-stricken areas of Texas, it could come at the cost of potentially severe thunderstorms.

The storm igniting the rain and thunderstorms is the same one producing a blizzard across the southern High Plains that could shut travel down.

The threat for damaging thunderstorms lies from San Antonio to areas just south of Dallas this afternoon.

The storms will push into northern Louisiana and southern Arkansas overnight. Cities in the line of fire include Shreveport, La. and Texarkana.

Cold air spilling in from the north will collide with warm and moist air pumping in from the south. This clash of air masses will set the stage for thunderstorms capable of damaging winds, torrential downpours and even a tornado or two.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms could cause slow travel on Monday.

Despite the desperate need for rain, too much rain in a short period of time could cause flash flooding. According to Meteorologist Matt Alto, "Low-lying areas and places that have had rain recently are especially at risk."

With most of the state still in the grips of severe drought, additional rainfall will certainly be appreciated.


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