PHOTOS: Sandy-Battered NJ Amid Facelift

By Jillian MacMath, Staff Writer
October 26, 2013; 5:58 AM ET
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The amount of sand Superstorm Sandy spewed onto the roadways in many towns made the small cottages appear as if they had been constructed on the beach itself. The roadways have cleared significantly in the months that have passed, however, and construction is visibly underway.

(AccuWeather Photo/David Defilippis)

(AccuWeather Photo/David Defilippis)

Faith Liguori, a Seaside Park native, watched the water rise on her property when Sandy hit. The flood waters washed away much of her yard and destroyed the bottom level of her home. When the waters receded, she was forced to gut most of the interior and has yet to restore it to its original condition. The financial burden has been great, Liguori said. After applying for a federal grant, she was told to discontinue all repair work.

(Photo/Faith Liguori)

(AccuWeather Photo/David Defilippis)

The Seaside Park boardwalk is perhaps one area of the New Jersey coastline which shows no improvement since last October. The storm wiped out the boardwalk itself and severely damaged the businesses along it. It was rebuilt and reopened in time for the summer season, before being leveled again by a fire in September. From behind a chain-link fence, visitors gather to view the charred boards and twisted metal that remain.

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One Year After Sandy: A Disheveled NJ, Disheartened Residents

(AccuWeather Photo/Jillian MacMath)

(AccuWeather Photo/David Defilippis)

The 3 Cs Luncheonette in Seaside reopened in time for the summer season. The damage caused by Sandy is no longer visible inside or on the exterior. Despite the restoration of most things, however, the owners are not at ease. Rising insurance costs and local taxes, they worry, will threaten to close the doors again.

(AccuWeather Photo/David Defilippis)

(AccuWeather Photo/David Defilippis)


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