Snow Tuesday for NYC, Philadelphia and New England

By , Senior Meteorologist
November 27, 2012; 4:38 AM ET
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A storm swinging up from the South continued to spread a period of snow (and rain) over part of the Northeast into Tuesday night.

Enough snow and slush will occur in some locations to slow travel and perhaps foil plans.

The storm produced a swath of 1- to 3-inch snow from the central Appalachians to part of southeastern New England thus far. Most of the accumulation will continue to be on non-paved surfaces.

Major highways that can experience low visibility and road conditions ranging from wet to slushy to snow-covered for a time during several hours.

Some bridges, overpasses and secondary roads can be especially slippery.

According to Meteorologist Brian Edwards, "This is a situation where it will have to snow hard to accumulate on roads and sidewalks, but that is a possibility in a narrow swath from the central Appalachians to near the mid-Atlantic coast and southern New England."

Surface temperatures may cool enough later in the day and evening to allow a small amount of slush and snow on the roads and sidewalks, where these areas were wet during the day.

Some secondary roads in the swath of 3-inch snowfall will become slippery. ( image)

As is often the case with storms moving up from the lower Mississippi Valley, rain will fall on the southern flank. Thunderstorms will affect part of the Deep South.

With the storm getting its second wind Tuesday night, moderate snow could reach back into southeastern Massachusetts, Connecticut, eastern Long Island and Rhode Island at the last minute with a few inches of the white stuff.

As temperatures slip back Tuesday night, motorists are urge to drive with care as some untreated wet areas can freeze.


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