Photos: Northern Lights Show for New England, Midwest

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November 16, 2012; 7:02 AM ET
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Photos: Northern Lights Show New England to Midwest

Parts of the United States were treated to the beautiful display of the northern lights early Wednesday morning.

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Aurora borealis ( northern lights) captured last night by the crew at the summit of Mt Washington
Parts of the United States were treated to the beautiful display of the northern lights early Wednesday morning.

A geomagnetic storm was responsible for the green and red glow of the aurora borealis that dazzled those across the Midwest and northern New England.

NOAA describes a geomagnetic storm as a disturbance "in the geomagnetic field caused by gusts in the solar wind that blows by Earth." The northern lights occur when the solar wind interacts with Earth's magnetic field.

NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center ranked this morning's geomagnetic storm as moderate, or 2 on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being extreme.

According to NOAA, the strength of this morning's geomagnetic storm could have led to northern lights as far south as New York and Idaho.

Clear skies across most of eastern Canada and northern New England provided excellent viewing conditions for this morning's Northern Lights. Clouds, however, stole the show over parts of the Midwest.
NOAA Space Weather ScalesThe NOAA Space Weather Scales were introduced as a way to communicate to the general public the current and future space weather conditio...
NORTHERN LIGHTS: The Northern Lights may be visible tonight! #Aurora #NorthernLights #MNwxMark Tarello
Northern Lights through the clouds near Marquette, Michigan Fleegel
Some faint northern lights in the backyard.
Northern Lights are visible, even with light pollution! Hanks
Great aurora pics last night in New Hampshire: Ferrell
Photos of the northern lights in Canada late Tuesday and early Wednesday morning:
Northern lights tonight #skstorm
Surprise Aurora BorealisBrightcove
The Northern Lights #Aurora at 11pm, Saskatchewan time. Dirkson
Who says you can't see the Northern Lights from the city??Taken from my back yard 10 mins ago. Hillsdale in south #yqr Dueck
A photo of the northern lights in Finland:
Oh boy some super awesome Northern Lights @ Rovaniemi Sky right now. Lindström


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