Photos: Millions Cope With No Power From Superstorm Sandy

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November 5, 2012; 5:24 AM ET
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Photos: Millions Cope With No Power From Sandy

From waiting in never-ending lines for gas to staying warm, millions of people are still coping with no power following Superstorm Sandy.

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People have been waiting for hours to get gas in New Jersey following Superstorm Sandy, and pictures of these lines have been flooding social media.
No power anywhere for people to get gas. This station somehow had power. Mathews
Lines for gas off the NJ Turnpike easily over an hour wait. @MThompsonCNBC has the latest on @SquawkCNBC at 750! Weindel
Meanwhile, cold weather is gripping the Northeast, while millions have no electricity or heat.
Millions Have No Power Following Sandy While Cold PersistsMillions of people impacted by Sandy will have no power or heat through late this week and weekend, and unfortunately, chilly air and a g...
Trying to stay warm still no power
My little grandpa has no power and is freezing
Day 4: no power. The others have begun growing weary. The cold started to take a toll #HURRICANEsandy #OregonTrail
Day 4 no electric! My homemade tent in my freezing apt! All the buildings have power except mine! Freezing Robinson
Many people have been camping at home and coming up with creative ways to cope with no power.
Still no power, doubling up on the espresso this morning.
@TSCMusicTweet no power, no cellphone service, no internet, no heat :( since Monday evening. Cooked on outside firepit McDonald
Morning three with no power, camping in the house. Hendrickson
@breakingweather It's a one and a half dog night here with no power, day 2
@SamChampion #sandy snow in Garrett County MD. Needed loader to clear 28" Still snowing No power #qualityfamilytime Varndell
Me and my dog can't deal with no power anymore #Sandy #hurricaneproblems #blackoutproblems
Some people found creative ways to make things work with the power out.
No power? My makeshift iPhone charger: 4 D batteries, tape, speaker wire, a rubber band & a car charger. #sandy Sanati
From the WABC-TV Channel 7 Eyewitness News Facebook page: Duracell is making power available throughout the week to the residents of Lower Manhattan and Hoboken. Trucks will be located at Battery Place and Little West Street and in front of Hoboken City Hall from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. for those who need batteries. You can find more location details throughout the recovery effort on Twitter @Duracell #PowerForward and on
This is awesome- the one block in Hoboken w/ power has put out outlets for residents to charge their phones. Amazing.
. @RobMarcianoCNN & crew turn their satellite truck into a cellphone charging station after #Sandy. Nice.
Photos: Hurricane Sandy Floods New York City, New JerseyPhotos: Hurricane Sandy Floods New York City, New Jersey October 29, 2012; 11:30 AM [ View the story "Photos: Sandy Floods New York City,...


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