Photos: Flash Flooding in Houston Saturday Evening

By Andy Mussoline, Meteorologist
April 29, 2013; 12:15 PM
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PHOTOS: Flash Flooding in Houston

Slow-moving thunderstorms inundated the Houston metro area with heavy rain Saturday evening and led to life-threatening flash floods.

Storified by Andy Mussoline· Sat, Apr 27 2013 21:47:59

I survived my first Houston flood #288 #Houston #Flooding #RainyDay #Traffic #Cars #Saturday...
Looking at video and pics of this flooding. It's no joke. If you have to be out, please be safe, #Houston.Tina M
(2-3) Flooding on the road in #Houston B D U L L A H
Our parking area is flooded. The water is up to the hubcaps :( #Flooding #Houston #RainRainGoAwayBrandi Mejia
(3-3) Flooding on the road in #Houston B D U L L A H
stay safe y'all :( #houston #floodingIrene Nguyen
Yikes! Report from Reliant Stadium #houwx "@PCreighton1: Rain and hail flooding Houston right now."NWSHouston
Crazy. The bayou by Reliant Stadium is almost at street level. #Houston #floodingMichelle Lin
Flooding down here :/ #houston†. Myria Graham.†
288 closed in both directions because of flooding. Stuck at the apartment #houston #flooding Hemani
Stuck in traffic, due to flooding.. Only in #houstonAutumn Smith
Got boat? #Houston #flooding Stabone
I thought my car was going to get stuck. Glad we made it back to the apartment! #houston #floodingAlex Brock
Not sure I'm making it home tonight. Can't exit 610 due to flooding #houston #rain Lloyd
This storm is ridiculous, flooding everywhere! I'm just trying to get home!!! #houstonBryan Paule
looks like I'm not going anywhere today #Houston #heavyrain #flooding Stabone


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