Northern Europe to be Bertha's Final Destination

By , Senior Meteorologist
August 10, 2014; 7:00 PM ET
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For its final destination, Bertha will join other non-tropical systems moving through northern Europe.

Bertha is now an extratropical storm, meaning the former hurricane has lost its tropical characteristics and resembles a more typical mid-latitude storm system that impacts Europe from the northern Atlantic.

The window for Bertha's projected path is across Britain and northern France on Sunday, then across the North Sea into Monday.

Bertha will then be absorbed by a large-scale storm system churning north of Great Britain. This large storm system will lead to showery conditions through the beginning of the week across the United Kingdom Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and northern France.

As the remains of Bertha cross Great Britain and northern France, it will bring with it periods of rain and strong winds. Rainfall can be locally heavy which will lead to an isolated flooding threat in low-lying areas. Wind gusts will be 30-40 mph across this area.

A cold front in association with this will bring rain and breezy conditions to southern Norway and Sweden on Monday.

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Powerful extratropical storms that originate from the tropical Atlantic can slam into northern Europe with widespread heavy rain and damaging winds. Fortunately, Bertha will not be such a storm. While Bertha will bring breezy conditions, it is not expected to cause damage and the main impact of the rain will be to disrupt outdoor plans.

Some residents may have a hard time distinguishing Bertha from other storms that have recently moved through the region.

This stock photo of stormy skies over London was taken on April 17, 2012. (Flickr/JD)

Bertha is coming on the heals of one such storm system that brought rain, some heavy, from England, Scotland and France to Norway through the first half of the weekend. The rain also crossed Belgium, the Netherlands, northern Germany and Denmark.

The additional rain from Bertha could lead to flash flooding problems. Especially in areas that are vulnerable to a rise in water levels.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Evan Duffey, "Runoff from heavy rain does not drain well across Brittany, so flooding may develop, including along the La Loire River."

Meanwhile, Norway is in the midst of a wetter than normal start to August.

Oslo picked up 70.4 mm (2.77 inches) of rain during the first five days of August, which is nearly 75 percent of what typically falls through the entire month.

In the wake of Bertha, showers and brisk winds will lead to a cool Monday and Tuesday across Ireland and the United Kingdom. The showers will also extend from northern France to northern Germany and western Scandinavia these days.

Updated by Adam Douty, Meteorologist.


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