Trami to Target Taiwan and China

August 19, 2013; 10:01 AM ET
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Tropical Storm Trami is several hundred miles east of Taiwan, but is expected to track closer during the next several days. High pressure to the north of the storm will be the main factor controlling the track of Trami.

West Pacific Tropical Center
Shanghai Forecast
Northern Philippines, Manila Flooded by Tropical Storm Trami

Although Trami has tracked east and northeast over the past couple of days, a turn to the northwest and eventually west is expected through the middle of this week. This track will take Trami near Taiwan on Wednesday before approaching eastern China on Thursday.

Trami is expected to strengthen slowly over the next few days as it takes this northwest turn. Trami may even become a typhoon for before approaching and possibly making landfall over northern Taiwan, an area that already experienced the landfall of powerful Typhoon Soulik earlier this season.

Satellite image of Tropical Storm Trami from Monday, courtesy of UW-CIMSS.

As with any location seeing a strong tropical system make landfall, flooding rainfall and damaging wind gusts are expected, along with some mudslides.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert and updated by Meteorologist Eric Leister.


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