More Rain for Flood-Weary Europe

May 30, 2010; 1:55 PM ET
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Widespread, heavy rain is back in the forecast for Europe. A storm will slowly move across the continent to bring rain to flood-weary central and eastern Europe most of this week.

Between 4 and 8 inches of rain is expected to fall across parts of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Many surrounding countries will have 2 to 4 inches of rain.

The above map displays how much rain meteorologists expect to fall in Europe this week.

Rainfall will cause rivers and streams to rise, advancing the threat of renewed flooding.

Wet weather will be long-lasting because the storm will be cut off from the jet stream, causing it to linger stubbornly over the region.

Poland was the hardest hit by flooding last week. More than 20 people were killed in flooding. According to Reuters, the damage is estimated to be at least two million euros (nearly 2.5 million USD).

The crest on the Oder River is moving north along the border of Germany and Poland. The river will continue to flood this week.

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