More Cool Coming to NYC, DC, Philly and Boston

By , Senior Meteorologist
September 22, 2012; 11:15 AM ET
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Changeable weather into the weekend will have folks in the Northeast in shorts and short sleeves one day and reaching for jackets and long sleeves the next.

The temperature roller coaster will continue in the East into the weekend. A big cool push will reach the I-95 corridor by Sunday.

In the wake of the nasty weather to start the week and the cool, tranquil conditions that followed Wednesday and Thursday, a bigger push of cool air will spread eastward from the Midwest this weekend.

According to Expert Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombek, "For many folks along the Atlantic Seaboard, Saturday will be a breezy, warm and somewhat more humid day, but that will change."

High school and college football games around the central and northern Appalachians and the eastern Great Lakes may have to contend with some downpours Saturday as a cool front crosses the region. For some, plastic rain ponchos will come in handy.

Ahead of the cool push, temperatures may lunge to near 80 degrees in New York City and into the 80s in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., on Saturday, a little uncharacteristic for the first day of fall. Autumn 2012 officially arrives at 10:49 a.m. EDT, Saturday, Sept. 22.

It will feel more like fall football weather by Sunday on the East Coast.

The cool front will swing through the northern Atlantic Seaboard Saturday night with showers and can be accompanied by a locally gusty thunderstorm.

The air that follows has the potential to bring the lowest daytime highs under sunshine to the I-95 zone so far this season. Temperatures may fail to reach 70 degrees despite bright sunshine for a day or two spanning Sunday through Tuesday.

Temperatures are forecast to drop well down into the 40s in the suburbs and will dip close to 50 degrees in the larger cities at night early next week.

The normally colder spots should have temperatures dipping into the 30s. If the wind shuts off at night, there can be areas of frost.

While many folks may enjoy the upcoming pattern in the East, the weather will not be pleasant around the Great Lakes.

Around the Great Lakes, the chilly air passing over the relatively warm waters will lead to atmospheric chaos in the form of frequent showers, thunderstorms and even waterspouts.

Some angry clouds and showers will reach into the Appalachians Sunday, where temperatures may spend much of the day in the 50s.

According to Meteorologist Dan DePodwin, "There is the possibility of the first snowflakes of the season in northern areas."


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