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    Memories and Photographs from Hurricane Hugo

    September 24, 2012; 5:00 AM ET
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    AccuWeather Facebook fans shared their memories of Hurricane Hugo. Hugo made landfall in South Carolina September 22, 1989.

    Memories and Photos from Hurricane Hugo

    "Sept. 18, 1989 -- eastern Puerto Rico - 6:45 a.m. We were in an apartment building (my grandmother's) - 17th floor - near Old San Juan (near the Caribe Hilton). The only safe place was the corner bathroom. Everything blew away with the wind -- living room decorations, our chandelier, artifacts in the bedrooms, etc. The only thing that kept us from blowing away too was that four of us were leaning against the bathroom door for about 4 hours. Horrific! Every window and sliding door was shattered."--AccuWeather Facebook fan Silvie R.

    Storified by Accu Weather · Sat, Sep 22 2012 11:28:53

    Wow, Hurricane Hugo hit 23 years ago? I was driving a limo through Charlotte, dodging trees & downed power lines. Was without power 2 weeks. Craig Utt
    "While working for WBAW, we loaded up a tractor trailer full of food, clothes and supplies for the victims and took them to the outskirts of Summerville. I remember the forest looking like a war zone with the tops of the trees cut in half."--AccuWeather Facebook fan Sharon P.
    "I was 19, my first real memory of a hurricane. We were 130 miles inland and the winds were still around 100 mph at our house. We were without electricity for 19 days. Thing I remember most was afterword the pine needles that were left on the pines that were left all faced in one direction!"--AccuWeather Facebook Fan Tommy M.
    I remember 23 years ago very well. Hurricane Hugo laid a tree on my parents' house and they were without power for 12 days. When, in our Salisbury apartment, the brick wall began shaking, we spent the night under our sink in our bathroom. Since there was no telephone service the next morning, I'm headed toward my parents and they headed toward me. We met halfway down Highway 150, thankful that God had seen us thru. Martha Ann Phillips Estep
    "I lived in the Lenoir Area, in the foothills of N.C., and I remember waking up to steady winds of well over 100 mph. Such a surprise for the hurricane to make it so far inland, NO ONE was expecting it. Devastated the woods beside my house full off 100-year old oaks & maples."--AccuWeather Facebook fan Josh P.
    23 years ago today I woke up to no electricity, a hole in my roof, trees uprooted and life forever changed by a hurricane named #Hugo. #CharHeather
    "I remember Hugo well. Seemed like the wind and cracking of trees would never quit." --AccuWeather Facebook Fan Cathy M.
    " I used to live in Iron Station, N.C., and I remembered that storm! We lost power and everything!!!!"--AccuWeather Facebook fan Mindy P.
    "I was in Faith, N.C., about 45 miles north of Charlotte. We left our Main St. home and took two candle holders my son made in shop over to my daughter's grandmom in-laws basement and waited it out there..one of the candles burned to the wood base and that reminds me each time I see it of the eerie quiet as the eye passed over us around dawn..."Granny", as we called her, went out to see it and scared us to death as we told her to get inside more was behind the eye..she wasn't scared of anything..Trees down all over, power out 4 days, some 2 weeks...ice was like gold to find and a customer's classic mustang was crushed in our backyard..terrible memories!"-- AccuWeather Facebook fan Mary S.
    "I delivered bread to grocery stores and was standing in front of a Food Lion with a rack of 100 loaves of bread and the wind carried the bread across the parking lot."--AccuWeather Facebook fan Gray G.
    " I remember too much, the water seeping through the walls, the howling of the wind that seemed for ever, then the silence (the eye) then with the snap of a finger it started all over again. Scared to death, then walking outside in the morning and it looked as though a bomb had gone off."--AccuWeather Facebook fan Nancy T.
    "Remember living in Charlotte seeing the fence panels ripped right off the posts and the constant roaring sound."-- AccuWeather Facebook fan Tim M.
    "A tree fell through my apartment buidling in West Ashley. Boats in the street. National Guard on every corner. Curfew. Trees snapped like twigs. Oprah!! I'll never forget it."-- AccuWeather Facebook Fan Connie C.
    oh Hurricane Hugo we dont miss you at allDenice Russell
    A special thanks to AccuWeather Meteorologist Jesse Ferrell for sharing photographs taken at his home in Boomer, S.C., after Hurricane Hugo and to the NWS-Charleston for storm damage photographs.

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