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    REPORTS: Derecho Blasts Chicago, Cuts Power to Tens of Thousands

    July 03, 2014, 1:40:04 AM EDT

    As of 6:15 a.m. CDT Tuesday, this blog is no longer live. See reports below.

    Severe weather will lash through areas from the Midwest to the Great Lakes into Tuesday, hitting some of the major cities in the United States, including St. Louis, Indianapolis and Detroit.

    The danger has transitioned into more of a widespread damaging wind threat for areas farther east and south into Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

    Strong storms can cause property damage, put lives in danger and impact travel across central U.S.

    Heat, Humidity to Build Across East, Ohio Valley
    Interactive US Radar
    Map: Current Severe Weather Watches and Warnings


    REPORTS: (All times are listed in CDT)

    6:00 a.m. CDT Tuesday: Flight cancellations to and from O'Hare have already exceeded 100 for Tuesday, with more expected as the morning progresses.

    5:25 a.m. CDT Tuesday: A car was swallowed by water early this morning in Chicago.


    4:55 a.m. CDT Tuesday: Parnell, Iowa, received 6.2 inches in 24 hours. This amount caused the June monthly total to nearly double, bringing it to 14.45 inches, according to NWS-trained spotter.

    4:30 a.m. CDT Tuesday: The Wichita Mid-Continental Airport reports 2.23 inches of rain since 3 a.m., according to an NWS observer.

    3:45 a.m. CDT Tuesday: Thunderstorms are now headed towards Columbus and Cincinnati.


    2:25 a.m. CDT Tuesday: Wind gusts to 65 mph and quarter-sized hail occurred in Northville, Michigan, according to NWS spotter.

    1:59 a.m. CDT Tuesday: Roughly 25,400 electric customers in northern Indiana and 20,200 in southwestern Michigan are without power, Indiana Michigan Power reports.

    1:27 a.m. CDT Tuesday:

    1:24 a.m. CDT Tuesday: Gusty thunderstorms are about to blow through Indianapolis.


    1:03 a.m. CDT Tuesday: Wind gust of 74 mph was just measured near Marshall, Michigan, according to NWS observation.

    12:21 a.m. CDT Tuesday: Wind gust to 75 mph was measured near Marcellus, Michigan, by NWS trained spotter.

    12:06 a.m. CDT Tuesday: Latest numbers by ComEd show nearly 140,000 electric customers without power in the Chicago area in Cook County.

    11:56 p.m. CDT Monday: Gusty thunderstorms are about to slam Kalamazoo, Michigan.


    11:15 p.m. CDT Monday: More than 127,500 electric customers are without power in northern Illinois with numbers still rising, according to ComEd.

    11:01 p.m. CDT Monday: A wind gust of 86 mph was reported in Lowell, Indiana, by mesonet.

    10:45 p.m. CDT Monday:

    10:15 p.m. CDT Monday: Wind gusts up to 82 mph in Bolingbrook, Illinois, reports NWS spotter.

    9:39 p.m. CDT Monday: Another line of storms is about to blast through the Chicago area.


    9:28 p.m. CDT Monday: Wind gust of 77 mph was measured in Guymon, Oklahoma, according to NWS observation.

    8:56 p.m. CDT Monday: Funnel cloud spotted near Green Castle,Missouri, reports NWS trained spotter.

    8:36 p.m. CDT Monday: Flooding and cars stalled in streets reported in Freeport, Illinois, reports emergency manager.

    8:20 p.m.CDT Monday: Tornado reported on the ground along highway H near I-35 near Gilman City, Missouri, reports law enforcement.

    8:10 p.m. CDT Monday:

    7:55 p.m. CDT Monday

    7:50 p.m. CDT Monday:

    7:33 p.m. CDT Monday:

    7:17 p.m. CDT Monday: Chicago, Illinois:

    6:45 p.m. CDT Monday: Approximately 70,000 Alliant Energy Iowa customers are currently without power, reports the utility.

    6:13 p.m. CDT Monday: Flooding in Madison, Wisconsin.


    6:09 p.m. CDT Monday:

    5:30 p.m. CDT Monday: Derecho moving eastward towards Chicago, expected to arrive in the city within the next 90 minutes. Current radar:


    4:51 p.m. CDT Monday: Heavy winds earlier this afternoon in Cedar Rapids. (Youtube video/Forrest B. Saunders)

    4:31 p.m. CDT Monday: Wind damage in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.



    4:14 p.m. CDT Monday:

    4:07 p.m. CDT Monday: Derecho Alert: Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan.

    3:49 p.m. CDT Monday: NWS spotter reports 5.34 inches of rainfall since 11 p.m. Sunday evening near Ladora, Iowa. The monthly total is 15.83 inches.

    3:32 p.m. CDT Monday: From around 3 p.m. CDT Monday, looking west from Salon, Iowa.


    3:13 p.m. CDT Monday:

    3:11 p.m. CDT Monday: NWS spotter reported 2 inches of rain in 20 minutes near Dunkerton, Iowa.

    2:56 p.m. CDT Monday: NWS spotters estimated 80-mph winds or higher near Cedar Rapids. High winds were observed for more than five minutes.

    2:37 p.m. CDT Monday: NWS spotters estimated 60- to 70-mph wind gusts near Marengo, Iowa.

    2:35 p.m. CDT Monday:

    2:09 p.m. CDT Monday: Semi-truck blown on I-35 one mile southeast of Bevington, Iowa.

    1:54 p.m. CDT Monday:

    1:30 p.m. CDT Monday:

    1:25 p.m. CDT Monday;

    12:53 p.m. CDT Monday: "There is a likely tornadic supercell that definitely is causing large hail about 40 miles SW of Des Moines and heading in the general direction of Des Moines," said AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Frank Strait.

    12:26 p.m. CDT Monday: In addition to the significant risk of tornadoes, the threat of a derecho is developing for Iowa, according to Mike Smith,senior vice president and chief innovation executive for AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions.

    12:02 p.m. CDT Monday: Golf ball-sized hail near Boxholm, Iowa, the emergency manager reports.

    12:00 p.m. CDT Monday: Up to 3.25 inches of rain have been recorded by an NWS-trained spotter in Linn County, Iowa, since last night. Current radar:


    11:45 a.m. CDT Monday: A tornado watch has been issued from Nebraska to Iowa. Andrew Baglini explains:

    11:20 a.m. CDT Monday: NWS-trained spotter in Woodbury County, Iowa, reports thunderstorm wind gusts from 60 to 70 mph. Tree limbs are reportedly being knocked down into roads.

    11:00 a.m. CDT Monday: Watch our new edition of 'AccuWeather LIVE' for the latest storm updates:

    10:45 a.m. CDT Monday: An inch of rain was reported in just 12 minutes in Norfolk, Nebraska.

    10:35 a.m. CDT Monday: Grapefruit-sized hail now reported by NWS-trained spotter in Rockwell City, Iowa.

    10:20 a.m. CDT Monday:

    9:55 a.m. CDT Monday: Hail measuring 2 inches in diameter, about the size of a hen egg, has been reported by an emergency manager in Harlan, Iowa.

    9:45 a.m. CDT Monday: According to the FAA, Chicago's O'Hare International Airport is experiencing gate hold and taxi delays as a result of the stormy weather in the Midwest.


    9:15 a.m. CDT Monday: Law enforcement in Wayne County, Nebraska, reports golf ball-sized hail.

    8:55 a.m. CDT Monday: A 911 call center reports flash flooding in Rhea County, Tennessee.

    8:30 a.m. CDT Monday: Law enforcement in Pierce County, Nebraska, report a brief funnel cloud in the area.

    8:15 a.m. CDT Monday: Benton County, Iowa, has received 2.75 inches of heavy rain so far, according to an NWS spotter.

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