Photos from an "Apocalyptic-like" Hail Storm in Dallas

June 16, 2012; 5:32 AM ET
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"Apocalyptic-like" Hail Storm in Dallas

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Hail damage photo from Instagram user chunkysalsa420.
If you're interested in seeing some more REALLY wild pictures of Texas hail, check out this post from April, where hail piled up three feet deep.
There were 79 reports of hail in the United States on Wednesday, many of which were clustered around the Dallas area. Of those 79 hail reports, 19 of those reports were of hail larger than 2" in diameter, around the size of a lime.
Apocalyptic-like Hail Storm in Texashannahdollfacejones

Hail photos

Hailstone through my brother's skylight in Dallas yesterday. Boortz
More Dallas hail damage...Facebook
Hail damage in Texas -- RT @adamccecil: Thanks to some tennis ball sized hail my car is done for! #unlucky Studios
"@shannapope: Lakewood Country Club in Dallas after tonight's hail storm." yikes!Anita Michaels
Texas am to start tomorrow in Dallas at Lakewood CC. Hail threatens to end 2012 event b 4 it starts. #18thgreenouchy!! Sports
RT @RobDenBleyker: I've seen some big hail before but this is the first time I've seen hail Megazord itself into giant death hail.

A few more of the many videos of hail hitting Dallas:

Hail + Drivers + Bridges = Nightmaretexasstormchasers
Dallas (Lakewood) Hailstorm on June 13, 2012funrun9602
Hail Storm 1stonegatherer
Bad Hailing in June (Irving TEXAS) 1nedusin
Bad Hailing in June (Irving TEXAS) 2nedusin
Hail Storm in Dallas - 2012-6-13 6:30pmdrumbliss


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