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    Gulf of Mexico Disturbance Brings Drenching Showers, Rough Surf to Texas

    By By Alex Sosnowski, senior meteorologist.
    September 01, 2014, 6:49:53 AM EDT

    An unnamed tropical system, producing showers, thunderstorms and rough surf will drift onshore in coastal Texas Thursday night and Friday.

    In addition to bringing needed rainfall to southern and eastern parts of Texas, the system can produce localized flash flooding and gusty thunderstorms, as well as pose a risk to bathers.

    The system began as a cluster of thunderstorms over the interior Southeastern states late last week and drifted slowly westward over the northern Gulf since then.


    Oil platforms off the Texas coast with weather instruments up to several hundred feet above the surface of the Gulf recorded wind gusts between 20 and 40 mph Wednesday.

    Hurricane hunter aircraft was deployed on Wednesday to investigate the system Wednesday. At that time, winds were insufficient to classify the system as a tropical depression or storm.

    Systems over the western Gulf have developed very quickly in the past, and this is why it needs to be monitored until the center of circulation is fully onshore.

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    Much of South Texas is experiencing drought this summer.


    Showers and thunderstorms will push in from the Gulf into coastal and South Texas and will stretch from Houston to Victoria, Corpus Christi, Brownsville and Laredo during the latter part of the week.

    It is possible that gusty thunderstorms will produce a couple of waterspouts and brief tornadoes as the disturbance moves onshore.

    Winds and waves being produced by the system will bring the risk of rough surf and strong rip currents into Friday along the beaches of South Texas.


    As a non-tropical system moves in from the west and joins up with the disturbance, drenching showers and thunderstorms may become more widespread over central and northeast Texas during the first part of the Labor Day weekend.


    Significant rainfall is not forecast to reach into the Big Bend area of the state with the disturbance or the system from the west.

    Surf conditions will improve this weekend over the region as the system diminishes over land.

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