Collection of Northeast, Midwest Snow Totals

January 23, 2012; 8:46 AM ET
Share | Facebook fan Misti J. woke up Saturday morning to nearly seven inches of snow in Philipsburg, Pa.

A snowstorm has been racing through the Midwest and Northeast since Friday, dropping up to a foot in the process.

Below is a collection of snow totals received by through 7 p.m. EST:


--Fairhaven: 12.5 inches

--Acushnet: 11.0 inches

--Barnstable: 10.0 inches

--New Bedford: 10.0 inches

--Buzzards Bay: 9.5 inches

--South Plymouth: 7.7 inches

--Nantucket: 5.0 inches

--Taunton: 4.5 inches

--Boston's Logan Airport: 2.9 inches

Rhode Island

--Little Compton: 8.0 inches

--Providence: 7.6 inches

--Warwick: 6.5 inches

--Narragansett: 5.0 inches

--West Glocester: 3.4 inches


--North Haven: 12.0 inches

--Clintonville: 11.9 inches

--Haddam: 11.0 inches

--Salem: 10.5 inches

--Shelton: 9.5 inches

--Hamden: 8.5 inches

--Newtown: 7.6 inches

--Bridgeport: 6.2 inches

New York

--Greenville: 6.0 inches

--Carmel: 6.0 inches

--Upton: 5.3 inches

--New York City's Central Park: 4.3 inches

--New York City's Upper West Side: 4.2 inches

--Bronx Zoo: 4.2 inches

--Great Kills: 4.0 inches

--Brooklyn: 2.3 inches

New Jersey

--Ringwood: 8.0 inches

--West Milford: 7.0 inches

--Oakland: 6.5 inches

--Elizabeth: 4.5 inches

--Newark: 3.3 inches


--Bellwood: 7.4 inches

--Williamsburg: 5.5 inches

--Mifflinburg: 5.7 inches

--Harrisburg: 4.5 inches

--State College: 3.7 inches

--Allentown: 3.4 inches

--King of Prussia: 3.3 inches

--Philadelphia: 2.3 inches


--New Castle: 2.6 inches

--Wilmington: 2.4 inches

--Newark: 2.3 inches


--Parkton: 2.6 inches

--Pimlico, a Baltimore neighborhood: 1.2 inches


Snowy Pictures from the Midwest, Northeast


--Carrollton: 6.0 inches

--Doylestown: 5.0 inches

--New Philadelphia: 4.0 inches

--Sandusky: 3.2 inches

--Cleveland: 2.5 inches


--Dyer: 9.0 inches

--Portage: 8.2 inches

--Valparaiso: 6.4 inches


--Joliet: 9.1 inches

--Sterling: 5.5 inches

--Rockford: 5.1 inches

--Dixon: 5.0 inches

--Chicago's O'Hare Airport: 5.4 inches


--Maquoketa: 7.5 inches

--Waterloo: 7.1 inches

--Cedar Falls: 7.0 inches

--Dubuque: 6.5 inches

--Mason City: 6.0 inches

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