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    Emilia a Strong Hurricane in the Eastern Pacific

    By By Bill Deger, Meteorologist
    July 19, 2012, 10:20:00 AM EDT

    While the Atlantic basin remains quiet, AccuWeather.com meteorologists are tracking a strong hurricane in the eastern Pacific.

    Emilia, which reached major hurricane status late Monday, weakened a bit early Thursday morning moving westward across warm waters in the Pacific ocean, far away from any land.

    Emilia has lost some intensity and become a Category 2 storm.

    Emilia was the third major hurricane of the 2012 eastern Pacific season, joining Bud from May and a presently weakening Daniel, which could actually impact Hawaii later this week.

    Fortunately, the strong winds and heavy rain associated with the hurricane will not impact any coastal locations.


    Similar to Daniel this weekend, it is possible that leftover energy from Emilia could generate enhanced shower activity and large waves in the Hawaiian islands next week. However, what is left of the system by then will pale in comparison to the impressive hurricane spinning now.

    Despite some weakening, satellite imagery from early Thursday morning continue to indicate a clearly defined eye with powerful thunderstorm activity located around it.

    Emilia is following in the footsteps of another system that was once a major hurricane, Daniel.

    Another fairly organized area of thunderstorms in association with low pressure located several hundred miles south of Acapulco, Mexico, has become a tropical depression as of early Thursday morning.

    Expectations for storm strength with this system would certainly be high, as the next name on the list in the eastern Pacific is 'Fabio.'

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