East Rain, Snow This Week

December 04, 2011; 12:33 PM
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A very unsettled weather pattern is in store for the eastern United States beginning this week with rounds of rain and snow in store.

To say that the pattern this week will be stormy would be over doing it. However, there will be storm after storm rolling northeastward from the South Central states. Most of these storms will be rather weak.

Just because a powerful windstorm slams the Southwest, does not necessarily mean it will do the same when it reaches the East. Instead, a series of weaker storms will be ejected northeastward and will bring plenty of moisture.

AccuWeather.com meteorologists believe the storm track will set up well inland of the Atlantic Seaboard.

As a result, most of the storms will bring most places rain, rather than snow.

Cold air will set up shop over the Plains and the Upper Midwest, while a wedge of mild air holds over the Southeast and the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of the Northeast.

However, while the overall weather pattern looks colder for the Northeast, when compared to November, it may still not be cold enough for much snow along the Atlantic Seaboard.

With the expected configuration, storms will tend to run up over the Appalachians. With no arctic air along the East Coast, it is not a snow situation for the I-95 corridor as well as most of the I-81 corridor.

Areas that could get a couple of rounds of snow will generally be around the eastern Great Lakes, northern New England and occasionally the high ground in the central Appalachians.

With this pattern setting up, we have to entertain the possibility of too much rain for some areas.

Many people remember all too well the flooding problems that occurred during August and September.

While the magnitude of the rain and flooding is not likely to be repeated, we could be going into a setup that produces episodes of small stream flooding and ongoing elevated river levels.

AccuWeather.com meteorologists anticipate flooding problems from Arkansas to Kentucky this week. It is possible some of that could expand into parts of West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

At the very least, after what has been a very bright November with many sunny days in the region, the wet weather pattern will feature a number of cloudy, dark days and little or no snow to brighten things up.


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