Severe Storms, Tornadoes Left Denver Ankle Deep in Hail Thursday

June 8, 2012; 6:07 PM ET
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Denverites Ankle Deep in Hail After Severe Storms, Tornadoes

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Severe weather slammed the Denver and Colorado Springs on Wednesday evening and night, spawning tornadoes and causing deep hail to pile up. A total of seven tornadoes were reported along the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. 

A weak tornado touched down north of the Denver International Airport during the evening. Many other unconfirmed tornadoes touched down south and east of the city.

A tornado in Grover, Colo., ripped a tree out of the ground and threw it 20 feet. Later in the night, a funnel cloud was spotted southwest of Denver.
Tornado warnings in Denver... At least I know where to seek shelter! #justmyluck
"Tornado Shelter" not something you see at many airports. #denver - Alan
Photos of weak tornado that formed near the Denver International Airport earlier tonight (from @stormchaser4850)
A severe storm with a possible tornado will impact southwest portions of Denver through 12:15 a.m. local time. Take cover!
The severe storm with a possible tornado, according to radar, is about 10 mi. SW & less than an hour away from downtown
A funnel cloud has been reported from the storm near Lakewood, Colo., just west of
Photos of mammatus clouds were captued around the area, showing a very turbulent atmosphere. Mammatus clouds are usually found near the anvil of severe thunderstorms, often capable of producing tornadoes.
Crazy clouds. # cowxbarretttryon
Hail up to the size of golf balls piled up several inches deep around Colorado Springs and Denver. The large hailstones damaged vehicles, tore leaves from trees and ripped gutters off of homes.

Roads became impassible due to large piles of hail, brining cars and trucks to a standstill in a few communities.
Can you believe it! Daylight shows #hail accumulated in SW Denver from last night's storm. Lynn
Your milk might be late this morning. Delivery truck stuck in deep #hail in SW Denver. Lynn
Large hail followed by heavy rain = unusual photos. Thanks Andrew Nielson in Colorado Springs Karins
Hail #weather Denver McHenry
Not getting back to STL tonight... Tornado weather and hail!!! Going on 1 hr of continuous hail. #Denver#Weather Allen
The hail was crazy in southern Denver and still could get more. Not so much big hail but 3-5" of it. #cowx Casart
Summer Storm in #Denver #hail everywhere!! @ColoradoGirlProblems Galyon
Hail core on radar near #Denver. At LEAST golf ball size. Here's a cross section of the storm. #cowx Singleton
Besides spawning tornadoes and dropping inches of hail around Denver, storms unleashed flooding rain and created vivid lightning shows.
Severe Storm in Denver, CO June 6-7, 2012nocosevereweather


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