Coming East Warm-Up to Have Staying Power

October 4, 2011; 7:59 AM ET
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The warm-up expanding eastward this week will come into full bloom this weekend.

Not only is much of the northeastern United States and neighboring Canada in store for sunny and warmer weather later this week, indications are it will have plenty of staying power.

Warm weather building on the Great Plains will expand eastward.

Highs well into the 70s to perhaps near 80 degrees are possible from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia and New York City in the Northeast and from Chicago to Cincinnati and Detroit in the Midwest by this weekend.

Farther north, temperatures will reach the 70-degree mark (near 20 degrees Celsius) around northern New England, southern Quebec and part of New Brunswick.

As unsettled and stormy conditions re-orientate across North America, much of the eastern part of the continent is in store for an extended period of sunny, warmer weather.

The old storm hanging around the Great Lakes and Northeast for nearly a couple of weeks will now be forced out this week.

While it will be a gradual process in New England, many areas will be basking in sunshine and temperatures averaging 15 to 30 degrees higher by this weekend, compared to where they are to start the week.

The pattern flip may mean bouts of severe weather over parts of the Plains and the Upper Midwest and a siege of windy, rainy weather in Florida and part of the southern Atlantic Seaboard.

The flip to the warmer, sunny weather pattern has the potential to last for a couple of weeks in much of the area, taking us into the middle of October.

The pattern change will mark an end to two months of record rainfall for some areas.

Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams points out that the upcoming dry weather could mark the longest rain-free spell in months for some areas.

The Winter Forecast will be released to the general public Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011.

Because of the damp soil conditions in much of the Northeast during the past couple of months, it is possible fog may be a problem during the morning hours on certain days.

According to Northeastern Weather Expert Dave Dombek, "Clear, calm conditions in some areas during the upcoming weather pattern, combined with the lengthening nights of October is the perfect setup for late-night and morning fog."

Dombek suspects there will be too much wind initially for fog to form, especially in New England.

"As the pattern progresses, look for morning fog in mid-Atlantic later this week, expanding to New England and neighboring Canada this weekend," Dombek said.


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