California's Year Without a Summer

August 19, 2010; 12:42 PM ET
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In fleece and hats, visitors brave cool temperatures and brisk wind as the overcast moves in at 2 p.m. at the historic pier in Santa Monica, Calif., Friday, Aug. 13, 2010. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

It continues to be the summer that never came for many of the coastal areas of California. Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said that the closer you get to the ocean, the more likely you are to see below-average temperatures for much of Southern California.

Rayno said an excellent example of this phenomena is Santa Ana, Calif. Less than 20 miles from the beach, Santa Ana typically sees high temperatures of about 84 degrees in the month of August. So far this month, Santa Ana has only had two days crack the 80-degree mark: Aug. 3 and Aug. 17.

Overall, the average overall temperature for Santa Ana is typically in the mid 70s in August. So far this month, temperatures have been almost 4 degrees below that average.

The trend of cooler-than-normal temperatures continues in downtown Los Angeles. Here the average daily temperatures typically hit 75 or 76 F. So far this August, the average temperature has been about 4 degrees lower.

Highs for Los Angeles in August can typically be found in the mid-80s. Only about half of the high temperatures recorded so far this month have climbed into the 80s.

The reports from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) show an even more significant departure from the norm in terms of temperature this month.

The average temperatures recorded at LAX in August are usually in the low-70s. However, the average temperature this month has been almost 6.5 degrees cooler. Only five days this month have been 70 degrees or hotter.

A La Nina weather pattern has caused cooler water temperatures in the Pacific, which in turn lead to cooler-than-normal temperatures on the beaches.

Rayno also noted that it does not seem like this cool weather pattern will be changing any time soon.

Downtown Los Angeles' forecast for the upcoming week indicates that the highs will remain in the low 80s, rather than climbing to their average high temperature of 85 F.

Farther south, San Diego continues its trend of cool temperatures this summer as well. San Diego saw temperatures almost 4 degrees below normal in June, almost 5 degrees below normal in July and so far this August, has recorded temperatures almost 6 degrees below normal.

On average in August, San Diego sees high temperatures of of 77 or 78 degrees. Only Aug. 17 has recorded a temperature that high so far this month. There have been five days this August when temperatures failed to even rise into the 70s. Expert Senior Meteorologist and West Coast resident Ken Clark said much of this cool weather can be attributed to the La Nina weather pattern that moved in this spring.

According to Clark, La Nina typically means cooler water in the Pacific, which leads to cooler temperatures just onshore.

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