Another Haboob Rolls Through Phoenix, Arizona

By Jillian MacMath, Staff Writer
July 25, 2012; 4:48 AM ET
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Another Haboob Rolls Through Phoenix, AZ

Storified by Accu Weather · Mon, Jul 23 2012 14:09:04

"A Haboob is an intense dust storm that's created by a thunderstorm downburst, or, localized winds created from a strong thunderstorm. In the United States, haboobs generally occur in the Southwest, where dust and sand over desert areas get kicked up in the downbursts," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Andrew Mussoline. "Generally haboobs go unnoticed, but can affect cities across the Southwest from time to time during the summer months."
Radar archives indicate that there was a line of strong thunderstorms that moved from east to west across the Phoenix area over the weekend. The strong winds associated with those storms, in combination with the desert conditions, was likely the cause of the haboob.

cool pic "@E_Pinny: Haboob from above! RT @AndreaButera Dust storm rolling through Arizona as seen from above! #haboob"Genevra Richardson
18th hole @papagogc just before the #haboob takes over #aZgolf
I just became the mayor of In The Middle Of A Haboob on @foursquare! Montoya
Just barely out running the Arizona #haboob today. Wolf
A haboob hit today.. Go ahead. Take a look at what Arizona experiences in Monsoon season Leann
Was in Sedona, missed the haboob, but the pool didn't. Yuck. Need to clean up now. Hope another one doesn't hit right after.Carlos R Tirado
For you Non-Arizonan's this a 'Haboob'...1/3 Esquivel
RT @ngmeisan: Be honest, "Haboob" is just fun to say.Shaena Crespo
Haboob 2/3 Esquivel
@Blanar77 you know az... cloudy with a chance of haboobbuhhhhnessa ✌
Here's an awesome pic of the massive haboob that moved through Phoenix on Saturday (photo by @lukeswg) McVickers
Dust storm, Haboob phoenix, AZ 7/21/2012chris7777123


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