Alaskan Storm With 90-mph Winds Causes Record Flooding

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September 22, 2012; 10:30 AM ET
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The third massive storm in the path month slammed Alaska with extreme wind and flooding rainfall during midweek.

Seward, Alaska, has received 8.17 inches of rain, resulting in record flooding.

Resurrection River at Glacier Bridge rose to a record level of 19.97 feet, above the previous record of 19.85 feet set in October 2006. Grouse Lake at Grouse Creek rose to 9.71 feet, above the old record of 9.29 feet also set in October 2006.

The southern shore of Alaska is very wet, but Seward is not normally a very wet spot. Winds typically come from the east and northeast during Gulf of Alaska storms, which is a dry flow for the town.

"During this [midweek] storm, the winds were from the south-southwest, jamming right up the bay and into town. The flow was overriding the Kenai Mountains, which rise to above 5,000 feet," AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews said.

The combination of onshore and upslope flow allowed for the excessive rainfall. In addition, the source of the moisture for the storm was subtropical.

Meanwhile, very high winds resulted in damage such as overturning semi trucks. The strongest winds slammed the Kenai Peninsula and the greater Anchorage area, including gusts to 91 mph at Harding Icefield and a gust to 86 mph in North Potter Heights.

Alaskan Storm With 90-mph Winds Causes Record Flooding

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Here is a pic of flooding in Kodiak, Alaska!! Kalp
The above photo was posted on the Channel 2 Weather Team Facebook page. It shows flooded Streets in Seward, Alaska. This photo was from Michael Pereira Sept. 19, 2012.
A look of the flooding from our recent storms. This is in Seward, Alaska. The town has declared a state of emergency. Kalp
Seward is flooding hi-way is closed and we had to evacuate the shipyard today and when we got in town there was no pwr Campbell Jr
Truck got flipped in Anchorage today from yet another onslaught of very intense winds. Cowan
The above photo was posted on the Channel 2 Weather Team Facebook page. The photo of flooding in Kodiak, Alaska, is from Elizabeth Odell.
Crazy wind storm in Anchorage! #Alaska check this blown down tree!


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