The Problems with Ice Jams

A major cause of post-snow flooding are ice jams in waterways. Snow melt and rain can cause river levels to swell and break apart the ice that covers them in winter months. This creates large ice chunks that can float down stream and jam up, blocking up water and causing flooding.

Because ice jams can cause flooding with little or no warning it is important to have an emergency flood plan. That way you and your family can be ready as soon as the problem occurs.

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This Day In Weather History

Colorado (1997)
5-12" of rain north of Denver led to serious flash flooding (28th-29th). 108 mobile homes were destroyed and 481 others were damaged in Ft. Collins. 5 people were killed and 40 others injured.

Sharon, PA (1999)
70 mph wind gus in a thunderstorm.

Mississippi (1819)
Small but intense storm, said to be the worst in about 50 years, hit southern Mississippi (where Camille hit in 1969). U.S. Coast Guard cutter lost with 39 aboard.