Frozen Missiles Falling From on High

Icicles can be pretty to look at, but can pose a real danger. They're formed when warming daytime temperatures cause snow on roofs or other surfaces to slowly melt and drip down, only to then refreeze as temperatures lower. They keep growing until they are knocked down. They fall unpredictably, which can make the ma real hazard.

Large falling icicles are like frozen missiles. They can shatter car windshields, cause damage to your homes, or even injure or a kill someone walking beneath them.

More Weather Glossary

  • Hoar Frost

    After a cold, clear winter night without much wind, the ground and nearby tree branches may be covered by tiny, white ice crystals.

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This Day In Weather History

New York City, NY (1996)
No 90 degree reading in Central Park in all of June and July - the first time on record this has happened.

Kanata, Ontario, Canada (1996)
A severe thunderstorm downed electrical wires and trapped people in their cars and a bus for 1-2 hours. Amazingly, nobody was injured.

Scituate, MA (1769)
Hail fell 12" deep and remained on the ground for 30 hours.