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Vince First European Landfall

October 13, 2005; 5:41 PM ET

We were one of the first outlets to report that a Tropical Storm had formed southwest of Spain on Sunday, so I thought I'd do a followup story on this unusual storm.

Tropical Storm Vince officially made landfall in southern Spain on Sunday. According to this website, heavy rains and winds to 43 mph were reported in southern Portugal. Fortunately, these floods were nothing compared to immense flooding that happened in November 1997 in Portugal. This article confirms that "Forecasters say this appears to be the farthest east and north that a tropical storm has formed in recorded history in the Atlantic." I think that the only storm that came close was Ivan in 1980.


The caption for the photo below: "Vince - October 12, 2005 - An unidentified resident wades through the water in a flooded street of Cordoba, southern Spain after the former tropical storm Vince made a rare European landfall into Portugal and Spain, Tuesday Oct. 11. 2005. The rain was a blessing for both countries that have been suffering from a severe drought for more than a year. (AP Photo/EFE, J.C. Molina)"

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