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Super or Not, It's Got 28-Foot Waves

October 25, 2005; 7:35 PM ET

UPDATED 9 p.m. Eastern

Here's hoping I can get some sleep tonight. After the most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic and this unusually early nor'easter, I could use some.

According to a Bloomberg article, more than 50,000 customers had lost power in New England alone (as of this afternoon). They also note that a 20-foot tractor-trailer was blown over on a bridge to Cape Cod.

To recap, I got an email earlier today busting us on predicting a superstorm that did not happen. Technically, yes Wilma is not going to combine with the low in the mid-Atlantic, and we even said in our original headline that it was not the most likely scenario.

But if you ask me, a sub-29.00 low pressure system that has 28-foot waves off of NYC and generates 10" of snow in Maryland before Halloween sounds pretty super. We're just talking semantics and we need to worry about flooding in the Northeast and power outages in the Appalachians tonight, so that's what I'm concentrating on.


Highest Snowfall Reports (over 6"):

Terra Alta, WV : 12.0"
Oakland, MD : 10.0"
Eldred, PA : 10.0"
Norwich, NY : 10.0"
Sylvania, PA : 9.0"
Redhouse, MD : 8.0"
Farmington, PA : 8.0"
Phlipsburg, PA : 8.0"
Randolf, NH : 8.0"
Kane, PA : 8.0"
Maidstone, VT : 7.5"
Eden, VT : 7.5"
Somerset, PA : 7.0"
Killington, VT : 7.0"
Zion, PA : 6.5"

Highest Waves, Lowest Pressures:

44024: 25.9 ft. waves, 29.15" Hg
44004: 24.3 ft. waves, 29.01" Hg
44008: 27.6 ft. waves, 29.06" Hg
44009: 22.6 ft. waves, 29.21" Hg
44017: 22.3 ft. waves, 29.15" Hg
44025: 19.7 ft. waves, 29.20" Hg

Highest Wind Gusts:

CAPE MAY, NJ : 74 mph
MILTON, MA : 66 mph
SUSSEX, DE : 62 mph

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