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    Jesse Ferrell

    Southeast North Carolina Vacation Weather Photos

    By Jesse Ferrell, Meteorologist/Community Director
    8/09/2013, 7:08:07 AM

    A coworker asked me how my vacation went last week and I said, "Didn't get much bad weather, other than that it was good." When I'm on vacation and can dedicate nearly all of my time to weather observation and photography, I always hope for "exciting" weather. Last week I wasn't quite as lucky (as I was during 2013 Vacation 1.0) at my vacation in Oak Island, N.C. We had a chance of storms nearly every day but they kept missing us somehow. Still, I managed to take a few nice weather pics:


    The photo above is one of my favorites from the trip (taken Sunday evening), and I like it for several reasons. One, it shows a color of cloud that is rare (at least here at my home in central Pennsylvania). It takes a certain time of day and composition of stormy clouds to get those grays. I did some post-processing to bring out some of the details, but the fading around the edges isn't a filter; it's actually fog on my lens (something that I had a LOT of trouble with last week).

    We only had a couple decent sunset nights (owing to too much cloudiness during most of the week). Ironically, the first was that Sunday evening (our first day there), then Friday night before we left:



    Thursday was one of our stormiest days, with heavy surf and high winds driving waves ashore.


    The house across the street had been boarded up for the season and the dark clouds made it look like a pre-hurricane shot:


    Heavy rain (a couple inches -- there was twice that farther east on the island) caused minor flooding near our beach house on Thursday morning.


    On Friday, a series of thunderstorms erupted to our north, creating massive cumulonimbus clouds that morphed across the sky. This photo was taken at the west end of Oak Island.


    Here's a time-lapse:

    And last but not least, on Monday I took this photo from our beach house's front porch. This is the view that I had all week; it was a relaxing vacation. This photo isn't weather-related per-say, but I bet you can feel the sun and hear the gentle waves.


    You can see the rest of my weather photos from the trip on my WeatherMatrix Facebook Page. I will have a couple of interesting time-lapses available soon.

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    Jesse Ferrell