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1.4 Million Lost Power; 22 Inches of Snow

January 29, 2009; 11:06 PM ET

Due to the coverage of the Groundhog Day Storm, I didn't get a chance to provide a final list of the snowfall amounts from this week's storm. Here it is. The New York Times says that 23 people were killed by this storm and over 1.4 million customers lost power. That beats the December New England Ice Storm, which only knocked out power to 1,000,000 customers. For a look at the incredible Freezing Rain and Sleet reports, see my previous blog entry. Lots of you uploaded good snow pics too,which I appreciate.


Stowe, VT: 22.0" (

Loon Mountain, NH: 21.0" (

Londonberry, VT: 20.0"

Shawnee Peak, ME: 18.0" (

Paoli Peaks, IN: 18.0" (

Peek N Peak, NY: 18.0" (

Sunapee, NH: 16.5"

Grand Valley, PA: 16.0"

Pittsfield, VT: 16.0" (SnowMatrix)

Greenville, OH: 14.0" (SnowMatrix)

Saint Juste, ME: 14.0"

Perrysburg, NY: 13.5"

Paragon, IN: 13.2"

Union, OH: 13.0"

Sumner, IL: 12.5"

(List Continued Below)


According to NOHRSC, this is what the final snow accumulation looked like:


North Lovell, ME: 11.0" (SnowMatrix)

Olivebridge, NY: 10.5" (SnowMatrix)

Multiple Locations, MO: 9.0"

Savoy, MA: 8.4"

Florence, KY: 7.5"

Layfayette, IN: 7.0" (SnowMatrix)

Paris, IL: 6.5" (SnowMatrix)

St. Louis, MO: 6.5" (SnowMatrix)

Buckhannon, WV: 6.0" (SnowMatrix)

Mohawk Mountain, CT: 6.0"

West Milford, NJ: 5.9" (SnowMatrix)

Pepperell, MA: 5.6" (SnowMatrix)

Burrillville, RI: 5.5"

Torrington, CT: 5.0" (SnowMatrix)

Multiple Locations, PA: 5.0" (SnowMatrix)

Roselle Park, NJ: 4.2"

Nottingham, MD: 4.0" (SnowMatrix)

Mount Savage, MD: 4.0"

Shepherdstown, WV: 3.8"

Fairfax & Burke, VA: 3.3"

Fairfax, VA: 3.0" (SnowMatrix)

Dagsboro, DE: 2.0" (SnowMatrix)

Ripley, TN: 2.0" (SnowMatrix)

Bear & Wilmington, DE: 1.5"

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