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Huge Winter Storm Maps, Models Still in Agreement

January 31, 2011; 8:33 AM ET

I posted on Saturday (see Facebook & Twitter feeds) that I thought there was "remarkable" agreement amongst the computer forecast models for a mid-week winter storm (especially given their poor performance this season). Today, nothing has changed. For example, looking at the three main models which have a "simulated winter radar", there were few disagreements from the overnight model runs, in the placement or type of precipitation for Tuesday evening:

One of the remarkable things about this storm is that it will go on for two days in parts of the Northeast. There are two parts to the storm, but there may not be a lull in-between. Chicago's in for a blizzard, and there's a lot of pink and purple on that map, meaning power outages and traffic accidents. You can see our official forecast maps and more details about when and where, in our news story. But here's what the ice and snow maps look like this week straight from our forecast database (warning: later periods may not have been quality controlled by AccuWeather meteorologists).

As a result of this storm, roughly 33 states are covered by some sort of storm-related National Weather Service advisory this morning:

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