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Super? Hurricane Gustav Vs. Gulf Oil Production

August 26, 2008; 2:10 PM ET

UPDATE: (Yahoo) Oil jumps to $117 amid Gustav concerns.

ORIGINAL POST: It's the question on investors' minds: Will Hurricane Gustav affect oil production in the Gulf?

DATA DISCLAIMER: This blog is written periodically on no certain schedule and may not contain the latest information on specific Tropical Storms, or main contain unofficial information. More up-to-date information is available in our our Hurricane Center (including the official EyePath™ for storms), in our Weather Headlines (at right), on our Breaking Weather News Page, and from official government channels. NEW! GOOGLE HURRICANE TRACKER!

Here's where you can get updates:

1. Watch Bloomberg and Fox Business on-air, where AccuWeather hurricane specialists will be interviewed periodically.

2. Visit the Hurricane Center & Interactive Google Hurricane Tracker,* which contains the latest forecast from as well as the government forecast, and Computer Forecast Models.

3. Visit oil production storm centers for Press Releases, such as The Gulf Minerals Management Service, Shell, Marathon, Exxon Mobil, and British Petroleum.

4. Check the price of Crude Oil on Yahoo and see graphs.

Certainly the storm has a potential to be very strong, possibly Category 5 as we say in a press release. (in which we also point out that Gustav would be the first major (Cat 3+) 'cane in the Gulf since Wilma in 2005. The latest models from the GIS Pro Business Site infer a Cat 4 storm by Sunday:


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